Promotion race in Belgium

Team Greenpower at SPA in Belgium.

The Norwegian Team Greenpower is partisipating in the 24-hour race at SPA in Belgium this weekend. They race with one "proffessional" team and one team with Formula Basic drivers. Team Greenpower wants to get more experience of C1-racing and on the same time thay want to promote the 24-hour race that will take place in the north of sweden next summer.

The 24-hour race called Swedish Lapland will be run 1-2 of august on the new racetrack called Drive Center in Fällfors in the north of Sweden. We will offer the teams the chans to do a race in daylight for 24-hours!

We have just started this website and we will continue to fill it up with more information in a near future. Please contact us if you have any questions.

But for the moment, we will concentrate on the race here this weekend in Belgium. Please follow us on FB where we will make reports all the time:

Team Greenpower International with the drivers: Reid Harker (New Zeeland), Daniel Störkersen, Håvard Kollen and Eivind Brynildsen.
Team Greenpower Basic with the drivers: Daniel Kroken, Ketil Thomassen, Kjetil Kristansen, Roger Iversen and Dag Wasmuth.
Team Greenpower is promoting Swedish Lapland in Belgium.

After the race we will publish a complete report.

Bengt-Åce Gustavsson -

Bengt-Åce Gustavsson & Bård Bergsjö at SPA.
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