The B-Zero Factory in Norway!

The workshop in Vestby

In the small village called Vestby, south east of Oslo, you will find the “B-Zero factory of Norway!” This is the home of Team Greenpower, who have participated in two 24-hour races this year in England and Belgium. Here, they are preparing for the 2020-season. They have currently built more than ten cars for the Scandinavian series B-Zero Racing. The team have “hoarded” the Norwegian market for all Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroën C1 they can find!

They will sell race ready cars, parts and you can also rent cars. The main focus for next season is of course the 24-hour race of “Swedish Lapland” in august, but the team will also run the 24-hours races in England and Belgium again.

It will be a race series with 90 min races in Norway and Sweden. We will give you more information about that as soon our racing calendar is set.

Bengt-Åce Gustavsson

This car is stripped in the workshop in Vestby.
10 cars are race ready in Vestby
The workshop will be organized this winter with a racing shop. They have plenty of rollcages for future projects, or for customers to buy.
During the long winter in Norway, drivers can practice in the simulator room.
Bård Bergsjö is the boss and he have his office on the second floor.
Anders Grandahl will run the racing shop.
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